We love opera and we love New Zealand.

There is a natural way these things mix together as they are both known for raw beauty. Music lovers appreciate that opera can move from fragile delicacy to the most epic of emotions in a single aria. New Zealand's wild western beaches were the perfect setting to capture all of the subtlety and grandeur of Mozart's gorgeous and iconic music. The ocean itself can move from gentle to deadly in a single day just as Mozart's Don Giovanni can. Don Giovanni is one of the world's most famous operas for good reason. The story of the sociopathic titular character cutting destruction is full of lust, violence, vengeance, savagery and of course, seduction. Irresistible stuff.

For this production, Mozart's Don Giovanni has been adapted to classical guitar; an unusual choice to suit the unique setting of black sand beach and fern forest. We wanted a sound that was not fussy but aimed for simple and accessible.

An opera music video set outdoors is a rarely attempted feat. We hope that in creating something unusual we have delighted and impressed.

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